He crawls! Almost…

Jess McGlynnApril 16, 2012

E can crawl.  Of this fact I am (almost) totally convinced.  I’ve just never actually seen him do it.  He has all the necessary skills; he can roll from his back to his tummy and then sit up.  He can go from sitting to all fours to down on his tummy and onto his back.  He can turn himself 360 degrees using one arm. 

 And yet, if I am in the room he will stay in one spot and turn himself around to get to whatever is within his reach, and no further.  He might accidently shuffle along the carpet as he turns but there appears to be no intentional movement whatsoever.

However, if I leave the room and return several minutes later, he will be on the other side.  Getting into some kind of bother.  Eating a wire (do all babies have wire detectors or is just mine?)  Or generally doing something he shouldn’t be.

The photo above is from when I ran upstairs for all of a minute last week to fetch M a cardigan.  He was on the other side of the lounge and the unit doors were closed.  Not only did he get across the room to the media unit, but he worked out how to open the doors to get the stuff out.

How on earth did he move so quickly if he can’t crawl?

Possible answers I’ve come up with:

  1. He can crawl
  2. He can walk
  3. M has super human strength and is actually carrying him.

The only one that makes sense for an 11 month old baby who has previously shown no signs of movement is the first one right?

I’ve tried to catch him in the act – I’ve pretended to leave the room but have actually stood outside and watched him.  He just watches the doorway I’ve gone through and doesn’t move.

I’ve pretended to be going upstairs by calling “just popping upstairs for a minute”.  He just watches the doorway I’ve gone through and doesn’t move.

I’ve made noises on the stairs as though I have actually gone up them.  He just watches the doorway I’ve gone through and doesn’t move.

I’m being outsmarted by my baby…watch this space – I WILL find out how he’s doing it!

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