Food faux pas..

Jess McGlynnApril 17, 2012

On Saturday night my Other Half made the dinner (that means he defrosted something I had previously made)  What he had failed to tell me is that when our washing machine broke a few months ago, he used one of the plastic food containers to store washing powder in when he took it round to a friends house.  The container I used to freeze the leftovers. 

It was only as I took a mouthful of the (previously) delicious beef & vegetable stew and remarked “why does this taste funny?” that he decided to let me know what he’d done.  Long story short, it DID taste like soap and yes, it was disgusting.  Said container has now been relegated to the bin.

I’d like to say it was our first food faux pas but the more I think about it, we’ve actually made some pretty big doozy’s, these are just the top five:

  1. Our first christmas as a married couple we bought a pre-cooked chicken.  After said chicken had been cooking in the oven for four hours we scrapped the potatoes and veg and started again.  A further hour of cooking and the chicken was still totally raw.  We had a potato and vegetable christmas dinner.
  2. The time I misread a recipe and used chilli powder instead of curry powder in our tikka masala.
  3. The time I misread a recipe (there’s a bit of a theme developing here…) and used a tablespoon of hot chilli powder instead of a teaspoon.  I almost blew M’s head off.
  4. The time we were making a ‘Jamie’s 30 minute meal’ and couldn’t be bothered to deskin the sausages before blending them. Surprisingly minced sausages taste like minced sausages.  I don’t think I need to explain what the floating bits of sausage skin looked like.
  5. The time my Other Half served beef gravy with a chicken dinner.  It’s just plain wrong. 

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