Let’s Play: Tissue Paper Flowers

Jess McGlynnApril 17, 2012

We have spent the last few days making these lovely tissue paper flowers as thank you gifts for Meg’s Grammy and Nana for the Easter Gifts they bought for her and Eli.

What you need to make the flowers:
– Toilet roll
– Pipe cleaner (green is best) – long enough to reach well into the toilet roll.  You might want to measure beforehand.
– Tissue paper in different colours
– Wrapping papers
– Stickers to decorate ‘vase’

What you need to do:
– You need two different sized ‘flower’ shapes for this.  I drew two templates freehand to make sure that each flower would be the same size.

– Pick two contrasting colours for each flowers (or a lighter and darker shade of a colour, we did blue as below).  You will need several pieces of tissue paper in each size for the full effect.

– When you feel you have enough, poke a hole in the centre of each and slide them onto your pipe cleaner.

– To hold them in place fold the pipe cleaner back on itself.  This will create a little bump in the centre but will stop the paper falling off.

– To make a vase, wrap your toilet roll in pretty paper (we used birthday wrapping paper)

– Meg also wanted to decorate hers with stickers although nice wrapping paper would be enough

– When done, use sticky tape to secure the pipe cleaners into the vase.

What you need to make the chick card:
– Yellow paint
– Plain white card
– Pink glitter

What you need to do:
– This is made using a handprint but just the palm.  So paint the palm of your toddler’s hand with the yellow paint and get them to ‘stamp’ their hand on the card.

– Sprinkle with glitter.

– When dry, add eyes, a beak and feet using a pen (probably better for mummy or daddy to do this depending on the age of your child)

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