Decrepit Hamster Syndrome

Jess McGlynnApril 25, 2012

We’re getting the kids two rabbits for their birthdays this year.  Well, my lovely parents in law have bought them a rabbit hutch and we just have to provide the rabbits!  It’s brought to mind the previous pets we’ve had and my ability to, as my Other Half has so lovingly said, pick the infirm ones.

Our first pet was a hamster called Hamlet (or Hammy for short), he was this scraggly looking hamster being crushed by another much larger hamster at the pet shop.  We’d only gone in to have a look at the animals but I felt so sorry for him we had to take him home. 

Despite what my Other Half said, he became quite attached to Hammy and was the one who really rehabilitated him and stopped him from being a biter.  Unfortunately Hammy passed away not even a year after we’d had him.

After Hammy came our second hamster Oscar.  We got Oscar after I’d chosen a different hamster, the pet shop lady lifted our choice up and then again I noticed Oscar being squished underneath.  Apparently he’d been there quite a while so he was the obvious choice to take home.

A year after we’d got Oscar I decided I wanted a kitten for Christmas so off we went to a random village in Lincoln (not a short drive!) to pick from a litter.  We spent a while sitting with the kittens.  There were the obvious hyperactive ones climbing up our legs and being very rough and tumble but there was one who just hid under the chair and didn’t really come out to play.  He was very cuddly though and so, he was the one I chose.  We realised shortly after we brought him home that he was in fact totally deaf and that was probably why he hadn’t joined in with the other kittens.

And so, ‘decrepit hamster syndrome’ was born.

It doesn’t just apply to my choice in animals though.  On Monday we were out on a social and talking to a first year university student about freshers week and nights out.  He said he felt “nervous” in large social situations and my heart just melted.  I caught my Other Half’s eye and he just winked as we both knew exactly what I was thinking…”oh I want to put him in my handbag and take him home!”

Or there was the time one of my Other’s Half’s colleagues was being a bit of a wally towards my husband and putting him down.  After relaying one such story to me he took one look at my face and said “I’m turning into your decrepit hamster aren’t I”…It’s not true of course ;o)

Anyway, back to the rabbits.  Just last night I found a rabbit that had been born with deformed ears due to a difficult birth.  The owner was giving him away for free as he didn’t think anybody would pay for a deformed rabbit.  It was so heart wrenching to not be able to bring him home.  Not only do we not have the hutch but it’s not really my choice to make!

In this case, decrepit hamster syndrome may not even feature as we’ve told Meg that she can choose her own rabbit.  Although technically, Eli isn’t old enough to choose his own just yet. 

Watch this space!!

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