Meal Planning Monday 30 Apr 2012

Jess McGlynnApril 30, 2012

We actually almost stuck to our meal plan last week – hurray!! Got in a bit of a muddle on Saturday when I realised that I hadn’t bought anything for our Beef Stroganoff (oops…) but my Other Half came to the rescue and rustled something up. And then we ate out last night as we’d been to a birthday party late into the afternoon.

Oh, and the Tomato & Crispy Crumb chicken was de-licious, I took a photo but I don’t think it does it justice as my presentation skills aren’t up to much!

So, for this week:

Monday: Creamy pesto chicken

Tuesday: Sausage special

Wednesday: For the kids – Salmon fishcakes.  For us (as neither of us like fish): Make your own

Thursday: Chilli & rice

Friday: Homemade pizza and wedges

Saturday: Kids joint birthday party so probably party food.

Sunday: Beef & vegetable casserole

Make your own stands for anything you can rustle up from the cupboard you are welcome to eat.  Usually an excuse to gorge and eat bad things 😉

This is part of a Mrs M’s linky #mealplanningmonday.  Visit here for more ideas.

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