Let’s Play: Fishy Danglers

Jess McGlynnMay 14, 2012

For this we used an actual kit we had been given but it could very easily be replicated by printing off some templates and cutting the shapes out of card.

What you need:
– Templates 
– Coloured card
– Googly eyes
– Sparkly decorations
– Green tissue paper (or other colours)
– String

What you need to do:
– Cut the shapes out of coloured card or plain white card and get your toddler to colour in.

– Stick the sparkly bits onto the undersea animals to make them look pretty

– Add googly eyes and a smile face

– To create the seaweed, scrunch up bits of the green tissue paper and stick to the shape (again easily printed off.)

– Make ‘dangly’ by using a piece of string to link the various shapes together.

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