Make the Change…

Jess McGlynnMay 21, 2012

I’m not a fan of change, not really, it takes me a while to come around to the idea of things being ‘different’ especially if I don’t see the need for them to be!

But at the moment we’re looking at some big life-changing decisions and for once, it’s making me feel cross that we can’t just decide and get on with it.  There are too many variables to consider. 

I suppose that’s what happens when you have children, the same way it takes two or three hours of preparation in order to go out anywhere these days, I can’t just grab my handbag and my coat and tootle off – I have to consider every angle and try to plan for every possibility.

We’ve always tried to live our lives in an “if the door opens” kind of way.  When my Other Half graduated from university and we were trying to decide where to live, we drew up a pros and cons list for five different places that took our fancy…and then he got offered a job right in the place we lived.  So that made our decision for us!

This is pretty much the same scenario…we’ve extended some feelers and if the door opens then we’ll make a move but the whole waiting game is just driving me to distraction.  I’ve found myself getting irrationally cross about the man at the post office who always call me love, or the man who was walking down the high street last week wearing shorts and t-shirt when I was wearing gloves (I wanted to tell him to get a grip…it is NOT summer). 

I’m being terribly cryptic I know but whilst so much is still in the air I don’t want to reveal too much.  Sometimes you can really build something up and then it just falls flat on its face and that is something I definitely want to avoid!

So for now, I’ll just be irritated with the slow-moving pace of the situation, and probably will still get annoyed at all the mundane details of my every day life. 

Urgh, I don’t want to write such a negative post.  I read somewhere that if you won’t want to read it in 5 years – don’t write it!  This is one of those posts where it’s just me in my own little cyber space palace, unloading what I’m thinking (I warned you about that in my first ever post!)  There were loads of topics buzzing around this week that I wanted to blog about but I can’t seem to clear my mind enough to write them…so yes, this is a bit ‘spewy’, but it’s where I’m at! 

That said, I don’t want to end on a grumpy note…I have a lot to be grateful for in my every day life. 

My two little cherubs to start with!!
And experience tells me that it will all come out in the wash, in the end.  Whether the path we’re wondering over works out or whether nothing changes I can’t actually make these things happen any quicker!
I think I ended my last post with this, but it seems to fit the pattern of my thinking at the moment so…
 C’est la vie ;o)

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