In a house where naps are considered a luxury, peace and quiet during the day can be hard to come by.  So I was pretty stumped by this week’s theme.

But then I remembered that there is always one point during the day when I can at least guarantee myself 5 minutes to sit down and have a cup of tea: snack time!

This photo was hastily grabbed whilst snacks were being demolished and Peter Pan had their attention.

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I was tagged in this meme by Louise who blogs over at A Strong Coffee last week.  I didn’t take part straight away as I wanted some time to think of the answers.  When my Other Half gets home and I’m reliving the day and all the random things Meg did and said I often say “why can’t she” or “why did she” so I wanted to think back over some of the better questions I would ask!

So Meg, I guess my first question would be based around an event that happened just last week:

Why did you wee in the shower and not the toilet?

Why will you eat something one day, declare it as your favourite but the next time it’s served to you say it’s “yucky” and “disgusting”?

Why do you throw a tantrum if you’re not allowed to walk but then get out of the pushchair, stop dead in the street and refuse to walk?

Why are you only interested in a toy once Eli has picked it up?

Why do you make a fuss and cling to my leg when I drop you off at nursery but refuse to leave with me when I arrive to pick you up?

Why did you announce I had “buns in the oven”?

Why do you knock on someone’s door and then run and hide behind my legs?

Why do you never stop talking until someone asks you a direct question and then suddenly you act like you can’t speak?

Why do you fall over fresh air?

And one for Eli:

Why do you give me a cuddle as a pre-warning that you’re about to bite me!

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Last week I had a conversation with Meg that went like this:

Me: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
Meg: *Indignantly* “But I am growed up!”
Me: “Ok, you are a bit bigger than you were, but mummy means when you’re as old as daddy”
Meg  “Ok” *thinks hard* “When I grow up I want to be…”

Now I know Meg is only 3 but I couldn’t help my mind whizzing through all the possible different answers she might come up with.  There are the obvious ‘toddler’ ones: fireman, astronaut, teacher etc but then there are the ones that myself and my Other Half have talked about based on Meg’s personality and interests, the top of the list being miscreant vet due to her love of animals.  Or, if we’re honest, librarian as she’s completely book obsessed!

I can remember being 7 or 8 and desperately wanting to be a teacher.  I asked my parents to buy me a white board and set it up in my room so I could practice.  I wanted to be a teacher for the longest time but, actually by the end of my time at secondary school that dream had changed.  I wrote in my Record of Achievement (anyone remember those?!?) that I wanted to become a barrister and then eventually, a judge.

Lofty ideas some might say.  And even that didn’t come to pass.  I ended up falling out with my history teacher and flouncing out of college.  Which may have been for the best, in the long run as that summer I met my Other Half.  C’est la vie!

I was talking to a friend recently about how since having children I’m not sure what I want my ‘thing’ to be anymore.  I used to be very goal orientated and driven and now I feel a bit like I’m floundering with no real direction.  I have a job as a part-time Office Manager but I’m not sure whether that’s a job I want to be doing long term.  Do I want to go back to work full time?  Do I want to try my hand at something other than admin?  These are all questions that have been going round in my head lately and I honestly don’t know the answer.  It makes me feel a bit lost.

So, when having that conversation with Meg I was assaulted with the concept that the world is her oyster, and I want her to know that so very much.  She could do anything, be anything she wanted and I’m so excited to see what she has ahead of her.  And that goes for Eli too (although the jury is still out on what we think he will do!)

At the same time I can’t help but wonder, how many people out there didn’t end up following the career path they always thought they would?  How many of us were sidetracked by ‘life’ and have ended up somewhere entirely different?  How many of us went for something which felt ‘safe’ instead of embracing a sense of adventure?

All of these thoughts flew through my head in a matter of seconds and I was feeling quite jubilant about the whole thing before I was brought back down with a bump and reminded that, after all is said and done, Meg is still only 3 years old.

“When I grow up, I want to be able to touch the ceiling and the trees”

Good.  I look forward to that day.


What you need:
– A long roll of paper
– Paint

What you need to do:
So very easy, squeeze some paint into a suitable container (we used a washing up bowl), let them stand in it and then let them walk along the paper.

Meg was totally fascinated by leaving her footprints behind her on the paper!

Probably best to be done outside to help limit mess.


This week has been so hectic I haven’t had time to even stop and think about we’re eating never mind focus on time for me.  It was one of those busy weeks where one of us was out every night apart from one, and then only because Eli suddenly came down with a high temperature so we cried off going out.

So, when I sat down to write this post my mind was actually blank at what I could put! 

But then I remembered that on Thursday my Other Half had come home with some stunning sunflowers – a complete surprise and not the usual supermarket flowers he goes for (disclaimer: no offence meant!).  It’s been a while since I’ve been bought flowers unprompted so that was a lovely highlight in the week.

Then on Saturday he came home with a special Diamond Jubilee bottle of cava.  Again, unprompted.  It’s been a fair few weeks, possibly even months since I’ve enjoyed the luxury of a bottle of cava all to myself.  Needless to say, I did go to bed a little bit tipsy (apologies to anyone who was subjected to my twitter ramblings!) but thanks partly to Eli’s new blackout blind (he didn’t wake until 7am which is an hour and a half later than usual!) and my lovely Other Half I got to lie in until 9.30am. 

So, although I’m slightly suspicious that my Other Half is after something – this may all be related to the tablet -v- laptop argument we’re currently embroiled in – it has been quite an indulgent end to the week for me!
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