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Jess McGlynnJune 16, 2012

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”  John Lennon

I spent a lot of time reading quotes about Life for this linky and found some fantastic ones from the likes of Mother Teresa and Albert Einstein but for me, this is the one that really struck a chord.

I think it’s so accurate for where I often find myself; my thoughts stuck in tomorrow, my concentration elsewhere whilst I’m missing what’s happening in my life right at that moment.  I love to make plans, it’s important for me to feel like I’ve got hold of all the strings…I spend a good proportion of my time making lists for that very reason!

But…reading this quote has really made me think about how I miss out on precious time with Meg and Eli when I’m busy worrying about what needs to happen tomorrow, next week, next month even next year!

I’m not saying it’s the wrong thing to want to plan, heavens, I’d never cope without thinking ahead but I know for myself that I can become overly absorbed in what’s happening in the future and so I miss what’s going on at that moment around me.

I’m setting myself a challenge this week to try not to spend too much time planning and thinking and to just enjoy each day as it comes.  I don’t want to get to next year when Meg goes off to school and feel sad that I missed out on so much with her.  I always used to laugh at my dad when he would make comments about blinking and years going by but I honestly understand what he meant now.  Children grow and change so quickly and I do wonder where the time is going!

I found this quote at: http://www.goodreads.com/author/quotes/19968.John_Lennon

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