Monday Me #1

Jess McGlynnJune 18, 2012

Here’s how I found my me time this week:

Started a new cross stitch
I LOVE to cross stitch.  I am naturally a very fidgety person and need to do something with my hands when I’m sitting still or watching the TV.  If I didn’t cross stitch I’d bite my nails!  For the past three years I’ve been working on various birth samplers for people but this week I started a new project.  To be honest that’s my favourite part, starting with the blank canvas…once it gets into the itty bitty detail I usually lose interest which is why it takes me so long to complete them.  I have four on the go at the moment and still haven’t managed to finish either of the birth samplers for Meg & Eli!

Read my book
I managed to spend a good half an hour every evening reading my book this week – woo! This very rarely happens but it’s a habit I always say I want to get into but never quite manage to.  It’s nice to be able to spend a bit of time before going to sleep switching off.  I’m currently reading ‘The Paris Wife’ which is about Ernest Hemingway’s first wife.  For anyone who follows me on Twitter you might have seen my complaint to the publishers about the errors in the editing.  That has been slightly disappointing but other than that it’s a really interesting story.

Met a new friend for coffee (and cake!)
I took the day off on Friday to look at two schools for Meg but in between the two appointments my Other Half had the kids and I met an acquaintance for coffee, cake & chat.  It was so nice to not have to be constantly up and down dealing with things for the kids, chasing Meg or retrieving her from underneath another table where she would be trying to beg food from someone…I was able to just sit and chat and enjoy some delicious almond and raspberry cake (yum!) and make a new friend which was brilliant.  Something I haven’t been able to do in a long time in fact.

I feel like this was quite a rare week as I got to spend quite a few evenings on my own.  This week won’t be anything like that, I’m busy every evening apart from Thursday for a start but hopefully thinking about this linky will force me to make some time for myself.  I love that the focus of the linky is about being something other than a mummy!!

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