Let’s Play: Tissue Paper

Jess McGlynnJune 22, 2012

We have been bored out of our minds this week with all the horrible weather.  Every time I promised Meg we could go outside and do some messy painting the rain would start up again.

So when she asked me again today if we could do something “fun” I had a brainwave.  I was originally planning to make streamers with them but once Eli saw me ripping up the tissue paper he came over and started throwing it up in the air and so we scrapped the streamers and just threw some paper!
It was so. much. fun.  Who would have thought?
The bottom left shot is me dropping the paper from a height onto them both, I love Meg’s little excited face.
As you can see, the room was left in a total mess but we made the game last over an hour and a half so I think it was worth it!

All you need is some coloured tissue paper and willing little hands to help rip it.  Throw it, gather it then throw it again – so simple!

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