Pretty Little Things: Calming Comforter

Jess McGlynnJune 23, 2012
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This week’s ‘Pretty Little Things’ theme is Calming Comforters. I find it interesting the different things that settle a baby. For Meg it has always been a muslin cloth. Doesn’t matter what colour, she’d accept any as long as it was a muslin. Really though, her calming comforter is us. Even now at 3 she’d happily sleep in our bed instead of her own and we have to watch out for her creeping into our room in the middle of the night!

Eli is the total opposite, he has never wanted to be held by us and he can’t settle if he’s in our bed. He is however building his own merry crew of things he won’t sleep without. It started innocently with a muslin cloth, the same as Meg. Then we added bear into the mix at 7 months (if you look closely at the top photo you can see bears foot!), then giraffe was added at Christmas and now mouse. 

He enjoys talking to the teddies as he drifts off to sleep and rarely wakes crying in the morning, he will instead be found chatting and squealing with his buddies. Hopefully he’s finished his collection now and we won’t run out of cot space!

For more calming comforters hop over to Hollybobb’s blog.

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