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Jess McGlynnJune 27, 2012

I was tagged in this meme by Louise who blogs over at A Strong Coffee last week.  I didn’t take part straight away as I wanted some time to think of the answers.  When my Other Half gets home and I’m reliving the day and all the random things Meg did and said I often say “why can’t she” or “why did she” so I wanted to think back over some of the better questions I would ask!

So Meg, I guess my first question would be based around an event that happened just last week:

Why did you wee in the shower and not the toilet?

Why will you eat something one day, declare it as your favourite but the next time it’s served to you say it’s “yucky” and “disgusting”?

Why do you throw a tantrum if you’re not allowed to walk but then get out of the pushchair, stop dead in the street and refuse to walk?

Why are you only interested in a toy once Eli has picked it up?

Why do you make a fuss and cling to my leg when I drop you off at nursery but refuse to leave with me when I arrive to pick you up?

Why did you announce I had “buns in the oven”?

Why do you knock on someone’s door and then run and hide behind my legs?

Why do you never stop talking until someone asks you a direct question and then suddenly you act like you can’t speak?

Why do you fall over fresh air?

And one for Eli:

Why do you give me a cuddle as a pre-warning that you’re about to bite me!

I’m going to tag:

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