We so enjoyed having the nice weather last week, it was a brilliant opportunity to be out in the garden every afternoon.

Both my children love water play (although Meg is a bit more precious about being splashed in the face) so they didn’t need too much persuasion to get into the paddling pool!

I think given that we’re back to torrential rain, I’m going to be looking at these photos wistfully for the rest of the summer!

Disclaimer: Whilst it looks like both my children are drinking the water out of the paddling pool, they are in fact just playing!  Eli is using the funnel as some kind of horn and Meg was sharing water between the cups.  Honest!!
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Here’s what I got up to this week:

During the week we’ve just ticked along really, nothing to report.  We watched a few films, had a date night one evening and managed to explode a bottle of cava in the freezer!

This weekend though, the kids went to stay with their Nana and Grandad so on Friday I drove the kids up to Liverpool and dropped them off, and then I drove back to my parents house to watch the *you know what* Opening Ceremony.  I don’t often spend time with my parents and my sister just on my own so it was really nice to be able to do that.  Plus listening to my dad’s personal commentary of the ceremony was very entertaining.

I’ve heard a mixed bag of reviews but I thought it was fantastic.  Firstly, anything with Kenneth Branagh in it is a winner in my book as I just think he’s fab (yes, I quite possibly have a small crush on him!)

Secondly I was so impressed it was The-Actual-Queen in the Bond clip – I did not see that one coming!  And of course, Mr Bean was in it, and what’s better than that?!?

But seriously, I thought it was done in such a clever way and was unlike any other ceremony I’ve seen before.  We have a lot to be proud of in this country!!  I can only imagine how amazing it must have been for the people lucky enough to have been there.

I stayed over at my parents house as my Other Half was on a work night out and it was so nice not to be woken up by a toddlers elbow in my face or a wet dummy being poked into my eye.  I still got up at 7.30am but it was very relaxing to be able to get ready, have my breakfast and a cup of tea and watch a bit of the *you know what* before setting off for home all in relative peace and quiet, bliss!

On Saturday we were helping some friends move to a new part of the country so I drove 4hrs to help them unpack and settle in before coming home again (and stopping off at Asda for nappies and wipes…as you do!)

Sunday was a day for me and my Other Half though.  We had planned on having a lie in but I think it’s a sign of being a parent that we were both still awake at 7.30am!

So, seeing as we were up we went for an ‘all you can eat’ breakfast (yum!) before setting off to fetch the kids. 

En route we stopped off at Ikea and actually managed to look at things properly which was a novelty!  Usually we’d be chasing Meg and trying to stop her jumping on all the beds or trying to catch her before she crawled off under the dining tables or some such shenanigans (I kind of see her point, it does look like a giant playhouse) but it was nice to just wander and browse and talk about how we’re going to do the playroom and the spare room and so on.  Not to mention the 20 minute conversation we had about whether to buy towels – honestly, we do know how to lead an exciting life!

Once we’d picked the kids up and come home we had a lazy evening watching the start of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  I admit, in this area I am something of a geek, and my Other Half has never watched the extended versions which I can’t quite believe.  So over the next couple of weeks I’m going to be inflicting them on him watching them with him.

So that’s my Monday Me.  Child-free and mostly spent sitting in the car driving to various parts of the country but actually quite relaxing when it comes down to it.  Although, I can’t believe it’s Monday again.  Must be a sign I need a holiday!


This week we took Meg to the dentist.  To be honest I was dreading it as six months ago she shrieked and cried and clung to my leg the second we stepped into the room…I have no idea why as the last time we’d been with her she would have been too young to remember.

Anyway, determined that this trip would be a success we employed various tactics which I’m going to share with you.  I am in no way claiming to be an expert but something obviously went right as Meg skipped into the room and was first to sit in the chair and let the dentist look in her mouth with no problem whatsoever!

So here you are, top tips for toddlers at the dentist:

Read about it

We used this book as Maisy is a favourite of Meg’s but a quick look on amazon showed me that there are loads of stories about trips to the dentist.  Peppa Pig was a top hit but I bet there are other character books you could use. 
We read this book to Meg at least once a week in the month prior to going and then every day this week to prepare her.
Role play
For Meg it’s important for her to know exactly what will happen so we spent a lot of time playing ‘dentists’…although Meg usually likes to be the person who’s in charge I thought it was important that I played at being the dentist so she could experience sitting still and opening her mouth.  We’re now working on playing ‘doctors’ so that we don’t get hysterics every time the GP comes near her!
Talk about it!

I think this is the most important one for Meg.  Myself and my Other Half spent a lot of time explaining every detail of what would happen…”the dentist is a man” “you’ll sit in his chair” “if you’re good you’ll get a sticker” etc etc – it was pretty monotonous to be honest but I know from past experiences that if something doesn’t go the way Meg has expected it to then we get tantrums so laying it all out beforehand really does help.

So, just three small tips that might help someone else with a toddler who is afraid of the dentist! 

And if all else fails, use bribery!  If a sticker isn’t enough of a bribe use whatever works for your toddler.  We promised Meg a treat but she was happy to accept her Happy Feet sticker so my Other Half (and his wallet) could breathe a sigh of relief!

I will say that I didn’t fair half as well as Meg and my Other Half who both got an A+ for the condition of their teeth.  I met with the hygienist who a) made me hold my own air/water brush thing as she attacked my mouth and b) literally covered me in my own blood.  I sat up to leave and she said “Oh, you might want to check the mirror before you go out” and I saw why, it was all over my face!  Are they paid to hack away at your gums!?!

Do you have any tips for visits to the dentist?  Feel free to share them with me!


You may find this hard to believe but yesterday was the first time in my whole three years of being a parent that I took my child to have a haircut.  Meg, bless her, was bald as an egg until a year ago and since then it just seemed fairer to let her curls grow out.

I was doing ok until I explained to the hairdresser that I wasn’t sure what I needed to do as I’d never taken either of them to have their hair cut before and she looked at me quizzically and said “why not?”

I was torn between my emotional answer of “because I want to keep their gorgeous baby hair” and the more practical (and relevant) answer of “they never seemed to have enough to make it worth it”

Seeing Eli’s hair afterwards though did bring it home that possibly he should have had his hair trimmed a while ago!  Although the hairdresser cut off far more than I would have liked and when it came to Meg’s turn I made her promise not to cut all her beautiful curls off!  So she just had a little trim which will hopefully tame it a little bit.


And, after lecturing me about the advantages of bringing them down even when it doesn’t seem worth it, the hairdresser was kind enough to save a lock of Eli’s hair and a lock of Meg’s for me to take home.

It seems strange to have taken so long to reach a milestone like this but we finally did it.  Maybe next time it won’t take me so long to get round to it!