Meal Planning Monday (9 July 2012)

Jess McGlynnJuly 9, 2012

The past few weeks I have majorly fallen off the meal planning wagon and oh does my food budget demonstrate that!  I can usually save money on the weekly amount I set and put it towards something nice or holiday savings etc but without a plan we have just wasted so much more money!

So I’m back on board and ready to go!!

Here’s what our week looks like:

Monday: Italian meatloaf with jacket potatoes
Tuesday: Chicken in black bean sauce
Wednesday: Bacon tagliatelle
Thursday: Cottage pie
Friday: Homemade pizza and garlic bread
Saturday: Chicken & lemon pie with homemade wedges
Sunday: Pork alla creme (this is my mum’s recipe and I’m actually not sure if that’s the correct spelling!)

I’m linking this post in with Mrs M’s ‘Meal Planning Monday’ linky. 

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