16/365: Loo Roll Animals

Jess McGlynnJuly 13, 2012

What you need:
 – Toilet Rolls
– Paint (whatever colours you like)
– Coloured card
– Googly eyes
– Sparkly decorations to add to the wings (if making a butterfly)

What you need to do for the butterfly:

Paint the toilet roll your chosen colour.  Meg chose pink but butterflies can of course be any colour!

Cut out wing shapes from coloured card.  I found this easiest by lying my painted toilet roll against a piece of card so I could see where the wings needed to be before attempting to draw them.  As you can see, my wings aren’t perfect but Meg didn’t notice!  When you cut your wings out they need to be in one piece as you will be sliding them into your toilet roll.

Decorate your wings!

When everything is dry cut two slits in opposite sides of your toilet roll and slide the wings into them, the slits need to be deep enough so that the wings sit clear of the bottom otherwise your butterfly will just fall over!

Add googly eyes and a smile face 🙂

What you need to do for the frog:

Cut the top off your toilet roll and paint the remaining part green.

(When dry!) Place your toilet roll onto some green coloured card and attempt to draw some frog legs, similar to the ones in my photo.  Again, these need to be cut out in one piece as they will be slid into the toilet roll.

Cut two slits into your toilet paper and slide in the legs.  Add googly eyes and a smiley face.

Stand back and admire your crafts!

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