Milestone: First Haircuts

Jess McGlynnJuly 24, 2012

You may find this hard to believe but yesterday was the first time in my whole three years of being a parent that I took my child to have a haircut.  Meg, bless her, was bald as an egg until a year ago and since then it just seemed fairer to let her curls grow out.

I was doing ok until I explained to the hairdresser that I wasn’t sure what I needed to do as I’d never taken either of them to have their hair cut before and she looked at me quizzically and said “why not?”

I was torn between my emotional answer of “because I want to keep their gorgeous baby hair” and the more practical (and relevant) answer of “they never seemed to have enough to make it worth it”

Seeing Eli’s hair afterwards though did bring it home that possibly he should have had his hair trimmed a while ago!  Although the hairdresser cut off far more than I would have liked and when it came to Meg’s turn I made her promise not to cut all her beautiful curls off!  So she just had a little trim which will hopefully tame it a little bit.


And, after lecturing me about the advantages of bringing them down even when it doesn’t seem worth it, the hairdresser was kind enough to save a lock of Eli’s hair and a lock of Meg’s for me to take home.

It seems strange to have taken so long to reach a milestone like this but we finally did it.  Maybe next time it won’t take me so long to get round to it!

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