Pretty Little Things: Water Babies

Jess McGlynnJuly 31, 2012

We so enjoyed having the nice weather last week, it was a brilliant opportunity to be out in the garden every afternoon.

Both my children love water play (although Meg is a bit more precious about being splashed in the face) so they didn’t need too much persuasion to get into the paddling pool!

I think given that we’re back to torrential rain, I’m going to be looking at these photos wistfully for the rest of the summer!

Disclaimer: Whilst it looks like both my children are drinking the water out of the paddling pool, they are in fact just playing!  Eli is using the funnel as some kind of horn and Meg was sharing water between the cups.  Honest!!
I’m linking this post up with this week’s Pretty Little Things.  For more blog entries, hop over to Love From Mummy.

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