17/365: Cress Caterpillar

Jess McGlynnAugust 4, 2012

What you need:
– Empty egg box
– Cress seeds
– Cotton wool
– Plastic from a yoghurt pot
– Pipe cleaners

What you need to do:
– Cut out your ‘caterpillar’ using your egg box.  I just cut along one edge so my caterpillar was three shapes long.

– Use the plastic from the yoghurt pot to fortify the bottom of the egg box sections.  If you don’t do this when you water the seeds the water will just seep through the cotton wool and you’ll end up with a soggy cardboard caterpillar (I speak from experience here!)

– Put some cotton wool in each section.

– Sprinkle some cress seeds and water.

– If you like, you can make a face for your caterpillar and add googly eyes and pipe cleaners for antenna to make it a bit more authentic.  I struggled to get mine to stick though and we ended up with a one eyed caterpillar for a while!

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