Hidden (See it Snap it Love it)

Jess McGlynnAugust 20, 2012
We visited some friends at the weekend and took the kids to play in a lovely new park that has just opened.  It’s perfect for little people and Meg and Eli were able to run around and climb and play on everything safely.
Meg’s favourite game was standing aboard her ‘ship’ watching out for the dragon (Daddy) who was hidden somewhere in the playground and waiting to surprise her!


I am chuffed my photo collage was chosen as ‘photo of the week’ for last week’s See it Snap it Love it.  I had great fun putting it together and showing Meg and Eli sharing some sibling love with each other.  And it reminded me that even when they’re having a bad day and seem to be constantly fighting all the time they really are the best of friends.

So I will show my badge with pride, thank you!
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