Meal Planning Monday 3 Sept 2012

I am so bad at getting these posts published!  I do make a meal plan every week and I try to have a nosey at everyone else’s, I just seem to fail massively when it comes to writing my own up here.

Anyway, here’s what our meal plan looks like this week:

Monday: Bangers & Mash
Tuesday: Shepherd’s Pie
Wednesday: Chicken, Lemon & Mushroom pie
Thursday: Bacon Tagliatelle
Friday: Moroccan couscous (a new recipe my Other Half wants to experiment with – could all go wrong! Or…it could be completely delicious.  I’ll fill you in next week!)
Saturday: We’re officially ‘on holiday’ for the next week and a bit so we’ll probably treat ourselves to eating out
Sunday: Pork roast

Do hop over to Mrs M’s blog to see what everyone else is having this week.


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