No going back…

Jess McGlynnOctober 8, 2012

So, we did it – we filled in Meg’s school application form online and sent it off to the Council.  So there’s no going back now!

We’ve taken a slight risk in not putting our catchment school down as one of our three choices but without a doubt it is the wrong school for her and if it comes to it we’d rather move!

Our first choice is a C of E Voluntary Aided School so all being well Meg will get her foundation place and there won’t be any issues.  We were informed by the school that they’ve never faced not having enough foundation places before so we just have to hope that the baby boom hasn’t changed things!!  

I’ve had months to think over and consider Meg going to school but I still felt a bit emotional as I clicked ‘submit’ and sealed her educational fate.  Some days I know without a doubt that she will be ready for school next September, she’s already chomping at the bit.  We’ve been ‘prepping’ her by explaining that when she is 4 she will be old enough to go to school, however we realised yesterday that neither of us are looking forward to the day after her 4th birthday when she wakes up expecting to go for her first day!

But other days I just want to squeeze her to me and pretend that she’s never going to grow up and get wise to the ways of the world.  I found this picture online and I think it pretty much sums up how I will be feeling next September.

Without a doubt I will be back on here looking for support as I face sending my first child off to primary school but for now I can just focus on hoping that she gets a place in a school and wondering whether we were rash to not put her catchment school down ‘just in case’!
Has anybody else ever taken a risk and not applied for their catchment school?  How did it turn out (not that I’m sure I want to know if the answer is negative!!).

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