Book Love: The Girls’ Guide to Homemaking by Amy Bratley

Jess McGlynnOctober 12, 2012

I find it very difficult to pass judgement on a book until I’ve finished reading it as I have, on occasion, found a book I’ve written off after the first chapter but by the end I’m shouting about how brilliant it was.  

So although the title says “What I’m reading” these posts will actually be “What I’ve just read” followed by “What I’m reading”

I’m hoping to get around to making a badge for these posts so other people can link up and we can share some book love!

‘The Girls’ Guide to Homemaking’ by Amy Bratley
“Is home really where the heart is?”

This came as part of a summer reads set I bought from The Book People (love them, they’ll probably feature a lot!) and it was the first one of the set I picked up.  It’s a debut novel about a woman (Juliet) on a mission to have her ‘perfect’ white picket fence life only real life gets in the way.  So it becomes a story of her journey to find out what really is important.  

There are some interesting twists in the story, although I thought these could have been elaborated on further.  One of the ‘big’ secrets Amy Bratley hints at all the way through the story is revealed on the second to last page and it just announced and then moved on from which I found a bit odd.  It gave me the impression that she’d run out of story to tell or that she wasn’t sure how to incorporate it into the thread of the story.

At the start of each chapter there are quotes from housekeeping magazines and books from the 50’s which I loved and I found myself inspired to become a real-life 1950’s housewife.  Then I came out of the book, looked around and realised that that would actually involve cleaning and being a more than adequate cook so I soon gave up that aspiration.  I would quite like to own one of the 1950’s style aprons that Juliet makes in the book though so if you know of anywhere that sells them, please point me in their direction.  At least I can look the part then as my souffles sink and my cocktails aren’t ready before my guests arrive!  (To give you some perspective on my cooking abilities, I managed to explode a bowl of scrambled eggs in the microwave yesterday).

I thought this was a lovely lighthearted read.  There are some moderately darker moments but these are in keeping with the theme of the book and not too heavy handed.  I enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it.

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