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Jess McGlynnNovember 8, 2012

Ok, so if you’re a watcher of X-Factor, or if you just happen to be on a social media network on a Saturday or Sunday night it probably hasn’t escaped your notice that Rylan is still here.  Much to the chagrin and dismay of thousands of X-Factor fans, apparently.

Fans who come out in force ranting and raving about how unfair it is that ‘good’ acts are going home and talentless tuneless twonks like Rylan are still around.  And my favourite of course, that X-Factor is a fix.

Now, I won’t go as far as to suggest that it wasn’t decided for the judges who to put through into the final.  I certainly find it difficult to believe that two international music superstars saw something amazing in Rylan and chose to put him through.  I was listening to an interview with Robbie Williams on Radio 1 on Sunday and I think he hit the nail on the head when he said that Rylan has a big future ahead of him, probably as the star of a reality TV show.  What’s bigger than reality TV right now?  We’ve got The Only Way is Essex, Geordie Shore, Scouse Wives and all those others spin offs.  If all that Rylan achieves is to get his own reality TV show then it’s still a win for the producers isn’t it, after all, he’ll forever be associated with the X-Factor. 

But I highly doubt that the producers would be daft enough to jiggle the results around to keep Rylan in.  Particularly given the exposure rigged phone voting has had over the past couple of years.  So it therefore stands to reason that people are voting for Rylan and not for the acts who are sent home.

And so what’s the point in complaining?  I wonder how many of those people flooding Twitter and Facebook have actually picked up the phone and voted for their ‘favourite’ act?  And how many actually thought those who have gone home so far had a real shot at winning?  For a start the Over’s never do well.  I would hazard a guess that for those who are actually voting they are just not current enough.  And then the alternative acts who have survived the first few weeks start to drop like flies.  And finally, you have the ones who are musically talented but just can’t connect with the audience.  I liked Kye enough listening to him but I didn’t get captivated by his performances.

On top of this, what does posting about it actually achieve?  Those people who love an underdog will simply be encouraged to come out in Rylan’s defence and I sincerely doubt that the producers are going to remove their ear plugs on a Saturday night and say “Oh, holy moly, that boy can’t actually sing.  Better get rid of him.”  The honest answer is that Rylan shouldn’t have been put through in the first place but he’s here now, what’s the point in bemoaning it?  

I know you probably can’t tell from the tone of this post but I can moan with the best of them come Saturday night when I’m listening to him ruin a perfectly good song but it’s not as if he’s going to hold his hands up and admit he can’t sing and gallantly bow out either is it?  Who would?

I can’t claim to be 100% against him either though.  Quite frankly it would serve Simon Cowell right if he had to give a million pound recording contract to a man who, thus far, has only shown a talent for managing to murder several songs each week in his mash ups.

In fact, if I’m honest, I’m less bothered about Rylan’s presence than I am about the number of times Louis reminds us that “we’re looking for an international recording artist” (anyone for a drinking game?!?) or how he seals the fate of his acts “I really hope the public vote for you, we need your votes!  *waggles pen*

So here’s my final thought on the matter – if you don’t like the X-Factor, don’t watch it.  The producers are always going to do whatever it takes to push up their ratings.  This certainly gets people talking and tuning in.  If you want to make a difference stop watching.  A drop in viewers will have more impact on the content of X-Factor than any number of tweets or Facebook statuses.

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