Wot So Funee – It’s All In The Accent

Jess McGlynnNovember 17, 2012

We’re currently at that point in Meg’s life where almost every other sentence coming out of her mouth has great comical value.  She just says what she’s thinking and isn’t bothered or aware of the consequences.  And sometimes it’s so unintentional you just have to laugh!

On Thursday I took the kids on a 2 hour walk.  Despite being consistently asked 15 minutes before we left whether she needed the toilet, reminded that there wasn’t a toilet there and forcibly plonked on the toilet before we left when we were about halfway round naturally Meg decided she needed a wee.

Luckily there were public toilets and several other mums present who shared an eye-rolling “yours too eh?” moment with me when I entered.

So, the scene is set.  

Meg was on the toilet, swinging her legs, taking her merry time regaling us all with a tuneless version of Baa Baa Black Sheep when her welly fell off.  Naturally Meg exclaimed “oh my welly has fallen off” except, at the moment Meg is being a pirate, so what she actually said was “argh me willy has fallen off”

That in itself caused me to stifle a giggle but I couldn’t help myself when a little voice piped up from somewhere else in the toilets:

Small child: *gasp* “Mummy, what if my willy falls off” 
Clearly harassed mother: “Your willy won’t fall off, don’t be ridiculous” 
Small child: “I just heard it”
Harassed and exasperated Mother: “I don’t think that’s what she said”
Meg *indignantly*: “Yes I did, my willy fell off!”

I tried and failed at not snorting with laughter and we had to hide out in the cubicle until I was sure the other mum had gone as I don’t think I could have taken the glares.

Definitely one of the funniest things to happen for a while, I just hope that other poor boy isn’t too traumatised!

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Wot So Funee?

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