The Perfect Elf

Jess McGlynnDecember 27, 2012

I love to wear my bright green clothes,

My hat that has a bell.
My buttons burnished bright as stars,
All elves must turn out well.

By morn you’ll find me working hard,
I tinker all day long.
Making toys for boys and girls,
Who have done no wrong.

I sing carols all year round,
Not just at Christmas time.
My favourite treat is Christmas Pud,
It really is sublime!

I feed the reindeers lots of treats,
(they work hard you know.)
And polish Rudolph’s bright red nose,
It’s vital that it glow.

And when it’s time for Christmas Eve,
I help get Santa dressed.
Stand and cheer as he sets off,
and well, you know the rest!

This is my entry for the Tots100 Center Parcs Challenge

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