Jess McGlynnJanuary 1, 2013

I don’t tend to do New Year’s resolutions.  For one thing, I am absolutely hopeless at sticking to them especially as I seem to have a tendency to pick ones which I don’t stand a chance of being able to keep.  

Things like ‘not biting my nails’ always start really well and then I find myself absently mindedly chowing down on one of my fingers and a wave of guilt hits me, and then I reason that I can’t be bothered feeling this rubbish every time I fail at it so they are usually abandoned around mid-January!

It’s nice though I think to have some kind of aim for the year, a few things that I hope to achieve which are positive things, rather than making a list of the things I want to stop doing.

So this is my 2013 Mini-Bucket List:

1. Learn to play the piano 
Not to any specific standard, but we’ve had our piano since September and I haven’t dedicated any real time to it other than the odd tinkle to amuse the kids.  I’d like to buy a real music book and start actually trying to learn something.

 2. Go abroad for the weekend with my OH
We did this a few times before Meg and Eli were born and I have a list as long as my arm of places I want to visit.  I’d love to be able to save up and go away for just one or two nights and explore a place properly without having to worry where the nearest public toilets are!  I’d love to go somewhere like Dublin or Prague but I’m not too bothered where to be honest!

 3. Finish at least half of my Charles Dickens books.
I was given the Vintage Dickens collection for Christmas and I would love to get through a significant chunk.  I’ve started with his first story The Pickwick Papers and already I’ve realised I can’t read it when I’m not really concentrating or when I’m tired – it requires so much additional concentration!  It’s not at all the style of book that I’m used to and I’m really enjoying the challenge.

 4. Finish my outstanding Cross-stitch projects
I currently have 3 birth samplers on the go and I would really like to get these finished and given out.  I haven’t even contemplated starting one for Meg and Eli and Meg will be 4 this year!  I find I’m always very enthusiastic when it comes to completing the initial picture but then my attention tends to wane when it comes to filling in the finer detail.  There does come a point though when it’s just taking too long and I ought to get my act together!

And finally, one that might seem odd but given the past year we’ve had, it feels very relevant to me:

5. Learn to laugh and find enjoyment in the small things
There is a linky over at Mummy from the Heart called ‘Reasons to be cheerful’ and I’d like to join in with that as I think it can sometimes be so easy to glance over the happy things that have happened when you are going through a tough time.  Towards the end of the year I started a ‘Good Things’ diary and I would try and write down two or three good things that had happened each day just so I had something positive to focus on.  

Whilst I am in truth hoping that 2013 is eons better than 2012 has been, I also think it’s important to make an effort to remember the small happy moments too.

Do any of you enter into New Year’s resolutions?  I hope that by next year when I’m rounding up 2013 I’ll be able to proudly state that we achieved all of the above things.  It doesn’t seem that hard, does it?!?

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