Over the past couple of weeks I’ve noticed a real change in Eli’s language abilities.  Yesterday in fact, he said a whole sentence and I understood every word of it!  Ok, so it was “I don’t want to have my dinner” but it was a fully formed sentence nonetheless!  Followed by an announcement this morning of “I lost my train down there!”

I don’t know why but I can’t remember Meg’s language development in as much detail.  It feels like we’ve always had to listen to her she’s always been able to communicate with us but with Eli I think it’s been a much slower process.   We’ve had a couple of months of semi-intelligible words mixed in with a lot of ‘da da ba ba ah ah ah’ and it’s a bit hit and miss as to whether you can work out what he’s really trying to say!

The best part really is his little face and the way it lights up when you’ve understood what he’s saying and answered him correctly.  Although he does have a rather patronising habit of saying “noooooooo” really slowly if you misunderstand him.  I can’t think who he might have learned that from *glances at Meg*

He’s so much cuter when he’s sleeping ;o)

Then there was the day a couple of weeks ago when he counted to ten out of the blue and then copied Meg all the way up to twenty.  I almost fell off my chair!  It was the kind of counting that only a mother would understand as he’s still missing a lot of his ‘hard’ sounds but the correct intonations were all there.

Whilst I’m excited at the prospect that we might be able to talk with him properly in the next couple of months and perhaps avoid a good number of the meltdowns we have because I’ve misinterpreted ‘I want Mater’ for ‘See you later’ I’m not sure that I’m looking forward to having two talking children all day every day.

Meg talks non-stop whenever we go out in the car, whether that’s a 10 minute trip or a 45 minute one and I don’t think my brain can take anymore random observations about the moon hiding, the trees really being purple (we just can’t see it!) and all the other strange little thoughts that she chooses to vocalise (to be honest, I worry about the ones that she doesn’t say…) or like when we went to London last Friday and were stuck in rush hour traffic for an hour and she spent the entire time counting to 100, then going back to 1 and up again.  I swear I developed a twitch in my eye!

The phrase ‘children should be seen and not heard’ certainly does not apply in our household…the children are the only things you hear constantly!!


One of the few films that Meg will deign to watch once it becomes obvious that it’s a ‘film’ (Peppa Pig doesn’t count as that’s a DVD, apparently) is Madagascar.  We watched it for the first time when we were visiting some friends and Meg was immediately enraptured with the song of King Julien, yes you know the one, “I like to move it move it”

So when we were invited to watch the Madagascar Live! show in Nottingham I absolutely couldn’t wait to take Meg along!  We were given 4 tickets and as there was no way on earth Eli would sit still for something like that, Meg decided to ask her best friend Ben and his mummy along too.

I have to admit I was a bit dubious about whether Meg would manage to last for the whole show and she did fidget a fair bit, mostly because she didn’t understand why she couldn’t get up on the stage and join in (I think we need to get her enrolled in stage school pronto!) but I thought it was amazing.  At some points I honestly thought the performers must be miming as their singing was just unbelievable.

The show  is based on the first Dreamworks film and features all the main characters; Alex the Lion, Melman the Giraffe, Marty the Zebra and Gloria the Hippo as well as the penguins! I’m not as familiar with the first film as the second but I’m pretty sure it didn’t differ too  much.

There was also some audience participation which was hilarious, I don’t think either of the people who were picked on had expected it and just gave the straightest answers, but then, what do you expect when you’ve got front row seats!?!

I was sure prior to going that I had read it wasn’t suitable for children under 3 and although I did see a number of families with smaller children I’m glad we didn’t bring Eli as I agree with that age limit, it was just the right length of time for Meg to concentrate without wanting to leave but not so short that it didn’t seem worth it!

And of course, the best bit of all was King Julien’s “Move it move it” magic, the song appeared two or three times and each time the kids went crazy.  I don’t know what it is but there’s just something about that song which seems to capture them.  I particularly enjoyed it at the end when everyone in the audience was asked to get up and join in one last time.  It was very good and most people seemed up for it!

Image courtesy of ticketmaster.com

The show still has a couple of tour dates left, one of those being at Wembley Arena.  If you can get tickets and get down there I would thoroughly recommend it.

Disclaimer: We were sent 4 tickets to Madagascar Live! for the purposes of this review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Over the past two weeks our household has been continually battling snuffles, sneezes, tummy bugs and a seemingly endless list of illnesses!

If it’s not me lying on the sofa feeling sorry for myself it’s my Other Half struggling to get up and get on with the day.  It’s ridiculous!  I know we aren’t the only ones either, everyone I speak to at the moment is just getting over something.  I’m convinced it’s due to the ever changing weather; one minute it’s so mild the flowers are opening and it appears spring is on its way, the next second it’s snowing!

As such, something has had to give and it had to be my blog!  This is therefore my covering post to say sorry I haven’t commented and read my blog list in a while, sorry if you’ve emailed me and I haven’t responded (unread email count currently 122 *sobs*), sorry if you’ve asked me something and it has completely slipped my mind to get back to you!!

Yesterday I decided enough was enough as I surveyed the chaos in the house so whilst my Other Half took to bed, I went on a sorting mission and finally got our new playroom set up and ready to go.  Already today I saw the benefit of our new system, toys were easy to find and play with and at the end of the day everything got shoved back into a box and was out of sight.   Aren’t the boxes just so pretty!?!

I’m slowly getting back on top of things with my blog too.  Sometimes it can feel so overwhelming but I think I’m beginning to get the handle on what is outstanding.  I’ve got some great competitions coming up over the next couple of weeks, my World Book Day Blog Hop starts on the 4th March and I’m currently writing some more book reviews to share with you as well as a handful of product reviews.  As long as the rest of the winter germs stay away March is going to be a good month!!

I will keep you all posted, naturally.


TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky

We’ve been hit by sickness this week so I haven’t been able to blog since my last Project 365 post, but luckily I have been able to keep up with taking the photos, just about!

48/365: Explorer Meg is on the case!  She did have Alfie as her explorer dog but unfortunately he wouldn’t stand still long enough for me to take a picture!

49/365: You can always rely on children to be completely honest!  My favourite is the last (unprompted) promise!

50/365: Making the most of the mild weather and playing out in the garden.  It didn’t last, typically, so I’m glad we spent the few days we could getting some much needed fresh air.
51/365: Alfie trying to make himself inconspicuous as he waits for me to throw the ball.

52/365: Hanging out…Meg style!

53/365: We were lucky enough to be invited to the family screening of Disney Junior’s Princess Sofia the First.  Here’s Meg examining herself after being primped and preened!

54/365: Having had her face painted (again!) at Ikea, where mummy spent far too much money on a great many things we probably didn’t really need!


TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky

I’m getting into the swing of taking a photo every day now.  I love that rather than forgetting and struggling to find one to use I’m finding that I’m taking so many every day it’s difficult to choose just one to show!

Another positive is that the kids are becoming more used to having the camera stuck in their faces so don’t tense up as much which has resulted in some really lovely natural photos.

41/365: Baking has become almost a weekly ritual in our house and Meg is getting good at doing most of the tasks herself with minimal help.  She’s becoming quite the miniature Mary Berry!

42/365: A rare moment of captured affection between Meg and Eli, although he seems to be submitting to it somewhat reluctantly!
43/365: Ready for some pancakes!!
44/365: Meg rocking her Grammy’s winter hat.
45/365: Despite the fact that we’ve already had several inches of snow, Eli was completely fascinated when he noticed it had started snowing outside.  He stood here for the best part of half an hour pointing it out to me!
46/365: A sneaky calorific treat for a Friday evening (I know how to live!)
47/365: ….and relax!