Project 365: Weeks Five and Six

Jess McGlynnFebruary 9, 2013
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Last week our laptop decided to randomly stop working so I wasn’t able to post my week of 365 photos so this week you’re getting two for one!

27/365: Sometimes I’d love to be inside Meg’s head.  Today, apparently was a good day to wear mummy’s wellies!

28/365: Posing with her new pink dog, sometimes she is just so cute!

29/365: Eli perfecting the art of climbing into things he shouldn’t.  Today, a dolls pushchair!

30/365: The start of my new craft project.  I chose this purely because of the name!  Luckily, it also turned out to be a nice colour 🙂

31/365: Nothing better than a cup of warm milk and bedtime stories in mummy and daddy’s bed!

32/365: Watching Cars 2, pretty serious stuff!

33/365: We spent the afternoon at Madagascar Live!

34/365: Sleeping Meg clutching onto her gorgeous new car seat blanket.  We sat in the car for half an hour whilst I let her rest, probably not the most fun I’ve ever had!

35/365: Eli’s latest craze, watching Cars wearing his Cars pyjamas (this was about 1 in the afternoon!)  

36/365: Enjoying a hot chocolate as part of Daddy and Meg day.

37/365: Don’t get between this boy and his tractor!

38/365: Little Miss Meg posing in her beautiful dress.

39/365: Nipped in to check on Eli during his nap and found him smiling in his sleep, hope he was having a good dream!

40/365: Eli’s next adventure: climbing into Annabell’s cot!

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