Review: Princess Sofia the First

Jess McGlynnMarch 1, 2013

We were lucky enough to be invited to attend the family screening of Princess Sofia the First on Friday.  Although it meant driving into London (a relatively short distance but terrifying nonetheless!) I couldn’t pass on an opportunity to let Meg be a princess for the day!

We met up with Emily from FamilyFourFun and two of her children and caught the tube in to the Mayfair.

Well, what a sight when we arrived.  Handsome princes flanked the doorway and greeted us when we arrived, the room was filled with mirrors, tiaras, feather boas and all manner of pink and purple delights.

The first thing Meg spotted (the thing Meg always spots!) was the ladies painting faces and she asked for a very elaborate design insisting that her whole face was painted.  I stood and watched as the lady did two or three of these and was completely fascinated by it; quite often she just used one brush and somehow made all these different colours appear without ever going back to her pots!

We then went to choose a tiara and a wand before Meg had a sparkly heart added to her hand and a picture taken of her on a throne. 

We also spotted Lloyd from Art Attack making wands but when I asked Meg if she’d like to go over to meet him she said “no, he belongs on the TV, so that was that!

When Meg had been truly primped and preened and turned into a little princess in her own right we went in to watch the screening of an episode of Sofia the First.  Sofia is the latest addition to the Disney Junior family and is all about a little girl who becomes a princess when her mother marries the King.  She has to learn how to be a ‘proper’ princess and gets into all kinds of mischief in doing so!

As usual I was concerned that Meg would fidget or jump about but she sat transfixed the whole time and since then has been playing endless games of being ‘Sofia’ – a sure sign she enjoyed herself!  I have particularly appreciated her attempts to recreate the song in the episode, it’s so far from the actual one I can’t even repeat it here!!

Princess Sofia the First premieres on Disney Junior on Friday 8 March at 5.25pm.  If you have a little prince or princess at home, make sure you tune in!

Disclaimer: I was invited to the family screen of Princess Sofia the First for the purposes of this review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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