Wot So Funee: You Can’t Catch Me…

Jess McGlynnMarch 6, 2013
Wot So Funee?

On Sunday afternoon we were sitting at the dinner table as a family.  During these times Meg often comes out with random comments, especially if we’re paying a bit too much attention to Eli but today was a slight exception!

She suddenly announced “come back here you little ginger-head!”

I was more than a bit surprised that she would say something like that as we only know a handful of people with hair colour of that persuasion and I don’t think anybody would refer to them in such a way, so I asked her: “Who says ginger-heads?”

Meg: “A nursery book.”

Becoming increasingly concerned that nursery were teaching politically incorrect things through use of books (I was already planning out the firm discussion I would be having with the staff come Monday morning) I said “WHAT nursery book?!?”

Meg: “Oh the one about ‘you can’t catch me I’m a gingerbread man’ “

Cue a BIG sigh of relief round the dinner table!

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