Project 365: Weeks Nine & Ten

Jess McGlynnMarch 9, 2013
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I appear to have gone the other way with my Project 365 photos; I’m remembering to take one a day but then when it comes to posting them up on a Saturday I don’t leave myself enough time to do it!  So apologies, but this is two weeks in one again.  I will try harder next week!

55/365: Meg stepping in for Eli and posing using the Toddlebike we’ve been sent to review.  Our thoughts on this coming soon!

56/365: Action shot of Meg and Eli at soft play. 

57/365: Counting the number of teeth the stone lion has (as you do!)

58/365: One poorly night time visitor.

59/365: Is there a better view in all the world?
60/365: I don’t often take pictures of myself and I especially don’t often like photos of myself but this was one I took to show OH the dress I wore to work (I don’t often wear dresses either!!)  Apart from looking like I’ve got a dodgy smell under my nose I don’t hate this!!
61/365: Enjoying a doughnut after our mad dash around IKEA to change some items I bought last week.  And, if you look closely you can just see the start of the horrible eye infection Meg has been battling all week 🙁
62/365: Apparently this is Eli’s ‘thing’, find a piece of doll’s furniture…climb into it!
63/365: Taking the gang to bed.
64/365: I hope this isn’t cheating but when I saw this it really resonated with how I’m feeling at the moment about writing so I took a photo of it!
65/365: My rather large 5 month old puppy trying to pretend he isn’t too big to clamber onto my knee for a snooze.

66/365: The worst of the infection has set in.  One very run down and sleepy Meg cuddled up with one little boy completely awestruck by Cars 2 (as though we haven’t watched it 100 times already!)

67/365: Hanging out.

68/365: On our walk today, Grandad holding down the fort with Eli and two excitable dogs!!

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