Wot So Funee: Little Interpreter

Wot So Funee?

A couple of weeks ago I posted about how Eli’s language has come on in leaps and bounds and how he has stopped looking to Meg to answer any question directed at him.  This has been so so good for us to be able to work out what he is saying about 60% of the time.  For the other 40% it’s a bit of a hit and miss situation, suggest what you think he might be saying; if it’s right you are rewarded with a big beaming face, if it’s wrong he will say it again and again and again!

Meg has obviously been feeling a bit left out of the loop by this progression as she has taken it upon herself to act as Eli’s interpreter, whether we already know what he’s saying or not!

On Tuesday I was standing at the fridge with Eli choosing a snack.  At some point during our discussion that tomato ketchup is not a valid snack choice, Meg popped up behind us and said “I think Eli wants some cheese and grapes.”  Eli, who was very clearly now pointing at the yoghurts, shook his head at this.  “I think he’ll be alright with just grapes, thanks Meg.”

“No, Mummy, Eli is saying he wants cheese, aren’t you Eli?”

Eli frowned slightly, shook his head and said “no no no!”

Meg (never one to be put off) giggled and said “Oh Eli is such a joker, he really does want some cheese though.” 

This conversation must have gone round in circles for about 5 minutes so in the end, just to get them away from the fridge, I put a little bit of cheese in Eli’s bowl. 

A couple of minutes later I heard Meg say “What’s that Eli?  You don’t want your cheese? Ok, I suppose I’ll eat it then.” 

What a tinker.  Clearly Meg thinks she’s onto something here and Mummy and Daddy won’t realise what she’s up to!


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