Don’t Say The ‘P’ Word!!

Jess McGlynnMarch 27, 2013

Yesterday as I was collecting the kids from nursery, Eli’s key worker told me that he had said ‘wee-wee’ several times in the day and she wondered whether he was starting to show interest in being potty-trained.  I almost fell over from the shock!

There is no way on this green earth that I would even think about potty training Eli now.  

For starters:

– He thinks the toilet is a great storage place for toys and has no idea (at least I like to tell myself) that it’s actually not a very nice place to put your favourite fire engine toy.  Especially when you then expect mummy to come along and fish it out for you.  

– The potty is not at all for toileting use but it is a superb battering ram for his sister, especially if he holds it in front of his body like a shield and runs at her full pelt.  He can knock her clear across the room if he gets a big enough run up!

– He has no interest in bribes whatsoever so sticker charts or chocolate rewards are out of the question.  If you try to offer him food stuff in exchange for good behaviour he just looks at you as though you’ve lost the plot because he knows he’ll get food whether he puts his coat on or not, so why bother?!?

And as if I needed any more convincing that he isn’t ready yet, on Monday evening after bathtime we were practising our body parts.  On being asked where his tinkle was, Eli pointed at his nose…so he very definitely hasn’t got the necessary skills just yet!!

Deciding to potty train Meg was easy, by her 2nd birthday she could hold full conversations with you, could tell you when she needed to go to the toilet and was susceptible to every type of reward chart going.  She put up some resistance but not enough that it made life difficult, although at one point in the early stages she stood and wet herself in the middle of the lounge, looked at me and said “nappies now mummy?” which almost swung it in her favour.  Really though we were quite lucky with how it went.  

Unfortunately, Eli strikes me as the kind of child who will enjoy the naked part of potty training but not so much the making it to the toilet in time part!!

So no, Nursery Lady, we will not be potty training Eli any time soon.  Ask me again this time next year and we might be starting to consider it!

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