Wot So Funee: Tall Tales

Jess McGlynnApril 2, 2013
Wot So Funee?

I should have known this day would come round eventually given Meg’s extreme imagination.  She plays such strange little games at home that it was really only a matter of time before she took them on the road.  I just didn’t expect for it to happen at Sunday School.

During snack time in the pre-school group, the children were talking about times that they had been unwell.  Illnesses brought up included the common cold, chickenpox, a poorly chest, poorly ears and then Meg’s contribution:

“One time, I needed to go to the hospital when I put my eyeballs in the oven.”

Unfortunately I wasn’t present at the time otherwise I would have swooped in and pointed out that no, Meg has never put her eyeballs in the oven.  The lady leading the session however passed on this information to me when I came to pick Meg up and actually added onto the end, “she said it with such a straight face but I’m assuming it’s not a true story?”

Oh I can well imagine how she said it, the little so and so!!  It was the same way I was tempted to respond with “actually, it’s entirely true.  She now has bionic eyes.”  

Because really, how the heck could it be anything other than a complete fantasy??

More importantly, why would Meg choose her eyeballs…and why the oven?!? (I just find the whole thing totally gross!)

I’m beginning to worry about Meg and where her imagination might lead us!

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