Wot So Funee: Back to Nature

Jess McGlynnApril 9, 2013
Wot So Funee?

This week my usual source of funny things, Meg, is making way for her little brother to have a go at being the family’s resident comedian (just don’t tell her!!)

On Sunday we went for a walk in the woods close to where we live.  Meg and Eli were collecting various items to bring home to make a collage with and as they were picking things up we were explaining where they came from (which included a fascinating lesson in what bark is from their Daddy!)

On discovering that twigs fell down from trees, Eli became quite concerned and proceeded to try and stick every twig we came across back onto the closest tree.  At one point he must have spent between five and ten minutes standing at the foot of a tree desperately trying to make the twig stay on the trunk and muttering “oh dear stick, oh no” every time it fell back onto the floor.

It really was the cutest thing, although it added about 45 minutes on to our walk with his many attempts.  Perhaps he’s going to be an eco-warrior when he grows up!

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