The Day Before D Day…

Jess McGlynnApril 15, 2013

I have to start this post with a massive EEK!  Tomorrow is the day we find out which school Meg will be going to.  In less than 24 hours we will be able to log on with thousands of other parents and hold our breath as we discover whether we got the school of our choice.

It’s terrifying! 

Having not put our catchment school down we know there is a possibility that it could all go very wrong for us and Meg could end up placeless.  From my limited understanding she could then be allocated a place in a school anywhere in the county although I imagine the reality of this is quite rare.

A few months ago if you had asked me about Meg starting school in September I would have pulled a face and said that she was just too young, she was still my baby!  But now…all of a sudden she has shot up, she’s lost the rounded look to her face and instead of my toddler a little girl has appeared in her place.  My mum runs an after school club and there is a little girl there who started school last year.  Suddenly she doesn’t look so much older than Meg.  Without a doubt she is starting to reach that place where she is totally ready to start school, and she’s still got 4 months left to go!

I think finding out which school Meg will be going to will make it more real.  We’ve talked with her about starting school but haven’t been able to offer any specifics.  From tomorrow we’ll be able to talk about the name, the colour of the uniform, if anyone else we know has got into the same school etc etc – it makes the whole experience much more tangible.  Which is a good thing…I think!

I don’t know what we will do if we don’t get our school of choice, that is a conversation for tomorrow morning but for all the other parents out there finding out today and tomorrow where their children will be going to school, especially if it’s the first time: good luck!

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