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Jess McGlynnApril 19, 2013
Wot So Funee?

I was struggling for a post this week as nothing had really lent itself well enough to be written down and repeated. Then on the way home from nursery on Tuesday, Meg decided to start asking about babies.

Not just simple, easy to answer questions about babies but things like 

“where do they come from?”

“why is it just mummies who can have babies, that’s not very fair on the daddies.” (haha!)

“what happens to the baby when you go in the shower?”

After mumbling my way through a few answers I was subjected to a story of how Meg will have a baby in a few years when she’s big enough and make a friend for Eli, because she’s kind.  This friend will be a little girl and she will call her Rosie.  Meg isn’t going to have any boys you see because boys are a bit smelly.  

And then also Mummy isn’t making any more friends for her and Eli so she will do it instead(!!) – I think I will be having a chat with her Daddy later!

I was beginning to worry and started to hope that it was the end of the conversation but then she started down a whole new track of what we can and can’t eat whilst we’re pregnant.

First, she wanted to know why we can’t drink coffee when we’re pregnant.  That one is thanks to an episode of Peppa Pig where Mrs Rabbit is pregnant.  So I began to explain that there are foods that are good for us and foods that aren’t so good.

Meg nodded knowledgeably and said “but you know Mummy, you can’t eat carrots even though they are good for you because it might poke the baby in the eye…”

It was a very good thing she delivered that cracker whilst we were sat at some traffic lights!!

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