Happy 2nd Birthday Eli!!

Jess McGlynnMay 6, 2013

Happy birthday Eli!!

I can’t quite believe that you are two years old today, the time seems to have gone in the blink of an eye.

This year you have turned into a proper little lad; cheeky and mischievous with a glint in your eye when you are up to no good, which is often!

You love all the typical things little boys do: tractors, trains, cars, monsters (especially dragons!) and most of all splashing around in the mud.  If you find something interesting looking on the floor, you will mostly likely pick it up and put it in your mouth…to say you love your food is a bit of an understatement!  I am actively waiting for the day I catch you eating a worm or a slug, so far we have avoided that traumatic experience.

You have developed an obsessive love of Disney Cars, you always have to take your Lightning McQueen and Mater cars to bed with you.  You still sleep in a cot as that’s the only way you will be contained.  Unfortunately, you also still wake up at 6am but are happy to sit and sing to a sleeping Meg in your cot so we have left you until now.  Recently you’ve started trying to escape over the side so we’ll be moving you into a big boy bed next week (wish us luck!)

Your language has come on in leaps and bounds this year.  We had started to worry a little bit over whether having a dummy had stopped you from progressing but we needn’t have done, you enjoy copying your big sister and you are definitely able to let us know what you want.  I love watching your face light up when we recognise what you’ve asked us and responded correctly.  It’s probably worth noting that the word you were able to articulate clearly after you had learned Mummy and Daddy was Mater…

Your favourite thing in the whole world is being outside, I’m pretty sure you’d live in the garden if we let you.  It’s lovely to watch you exploring the world outside with total fearlessness and fascination.

You also enjoy singing.  At the moment your favourite song is ‘Old MacDonald Had A Farm’ although consistently choosing Mummy and Daddy as the animals is a bit confusing when we try to join in with other children.

You aren’t so different from Meg with your stubborn streak; if you take it into your head that you want to do something then you will go for it no matter what.  The downside for Mummy and Daddy is that you don’t like to do what you are told.  You think life is one big game so punishments and time outs don’t have much of an effect at the moment.  We live in hope for that one.

Most of all, I love your cheeky laid back spirit.  I’m excited for the adventures we will have this year once Meg starts school and it’s just you and me.  I think I’ll need to invest in a decent pair of wellies!!

Happy birthday gorgeous boy 🙂

Love Mummy xx  

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