Sunday Afternoon Fun: Playing at the beach

Jess McGlynnMay 20, 2013

We visited our in-laws over the weekend and decided to go down to Crosby beach to get some fresh air and exercise.  There’s something about the sea air that just wears you out, I think, and we were hoping to tire out two bouncy dogs and two over active children!!

I’m not sure whether my mother in law came to regret it, with Eli wandering wherever he fancied and Meg giving up walking every now and then to demand some ice cream, it took us over an hour and a half!

We didn’t do any ‘beach’ things like making sand castles, we simply walked down to the water’s edge to do a bit of splashing.  Eli, however, attempted a bit more than that and sat down fully clothed in the water getting soaked. Typical boy!

Alfie particularly enjoyed the water and Meg made a little shell picture in the sand and, I think, brought some pretty shells home in her coat pocket although I have yet to discover their whereabouts.

It was lovely weather for it, really clear blue sky and although a bit windy (which didn’t help my migraine in the slightest), the sun was incredibly warm which made it almost feel like it could be the middle of May…

Crosby Beach has some cast iron figures facing out to sea, spread over a 2 mile stretch of the beach.  Meg had great fun hiding behind one with her Nana discussing the various anatomical features he had!

Then we walked back up to the top, discovering in the process a new adaptation on reins: take one well behaved dog and one unruly toddler. Convinced unruly toddler that they are being a “big boy” by holding onto the lead and walking the well behaved dog. Hey presto! Eli walked all the way up the beach without stopping (walking is a slight understatement, he was pretty much pulled along!)

Once back at the top we enjoyed some well earned ice creams.

And Daddy spent a bit of time being silly!

A simple trip out in the lovely afternoon sun.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall photo ActiveFamily150x150_zps28e829a4.jpg

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