Wot So Funee: Meg’s Story

Jess McGlynnMay 22, 2013
Wot So Funee?

I was inspired by the recent posts of little ones writing their own stories and decided to ask Meg whether she’d like to try writing one.

She pretty much burst my ear drums with her shouts of “yes yes yes!” but as it transpires, her idea of what a story should be is, erm, rather interesting.

After her third morbid comment, I had to offer a bit of constructive criticism and suggest that perhaps she should just describe the picture she had drawn…note the sudden change of direction on page three!

So here you go (translations underneath):

“Megan’s story by Meg, aged 4”

“I love you world.  
What are you like?
Will you never end?
How do you end if you are carrot city?”

“Onion world, where you sing and dance.
Will you end tomorrow?
This is a circus. The circus teacher is walking on the river without crocodiles or sharks.
These sealions are nice.”

“This is me playing in the cinema with lots of soft toys.”

This was definitely one of those moments where I seriously questioned the weirdness of my own child.   You could probably blame the parents to be honest.  On relaying this story to my mum she pointed out that I was the child who used to make hearses out of her playmobile.  

Yep…you can all unfollow me now!

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