Wot So Funee: Honesty

Jess McGlynnJune 4, 2013
Wot So Funee?

Meg has been on top form this week with her one liners.

It started when she attached herself to her Daddy whilst he was making me a cup of tea (he hadn’t asked for her help) and told him that she would only help him if he followed her ‘rules’ like she has to follow his.

The following day she was lying next to Alfie on the sofa and he gently butted her with his nose for some attention.  She sat bolt upright and shouted to me “Oh no Mummy, Alfie’s nose is dry.  I think it must have melted!”

Yesterday when I arrived at nursery to pick her up, pre-school had a visitor who had brought some ‘mini-beasts’ in for them to have a look at and hold.  We ended up staying for an extra hour so that Meg could hold all the creepy crawlies.  At one point, the lady who was demonstrating handed me a box containing a tarantula and asked me to put it on the side.  Cue silence from all the children and the staff.  Up pipes Meg “Oh no, my Mummy is really scared of spiders. Do you want me to do it for you?” Thanks for that Meg!  When we got into the car she said to me “Mummy, you did so well and were so brave.” Nice to know I’ve got a big supporter in my daughter!

My favourite of all though was on Sunday when we went for a walk.  We incidentally picked a route which was also being taken by lots of runners and at one point a couple of somewhat larger ladies appeared behind us.  My Other Half asked Meg to stand to the side so that the runners could pass.  Just as they were passing us Meg decided to comment with “are they really runners? They don’t look like it.” 


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