Holiday Memories

Jess McGlynnJune 7, 2013

My inspiration for this series of guest posts (other than the fact I’m going to be away for two weeks and I didn’t want my lovely readers to up and leave me!), is that I have the best memories of holidays as a child.

We were lucky in that once a year we went away somewhere as a family.  Sometimes it was abroad, and sometimes it was in the UK.  One of my favourite holidays was when we went camping for 3 weeks in Littlehampton.  My dad’s head office was in the same area so he went to work each morning and we spent three weeks visiting different places and generally having a whale of a time!

We did so much in that holiday and I have such great memories of it.  We rode the Cuckoo Trail, my poor Mum practically riding twice the distance as everyone else as my Dad told her the wrong gear to be in!  At the time I had a big love of Winnie the Pooh so visiting Ashdown Forest and playing poohsticks was like a dream come true for me.  We also visited the home of Rudyard Kipling and a great many other places I could list.

Yes, it was also the same holiday that my sister got struck by lightning and my dad fell off his  bike into a large patch of nettles and my mum was terrified by having a giant spider crawl over her but that’s beside the point!

And apparently, I only had the one outfit to wear which consisted of my Barcelona kit.

When I imagine our future holidays as a family, I want Meg and Eli to experience the same sense of freedom as I had, running around with my brother and sister without a care in the world; making new friends at the drop of a hat; entering into all the silly kid’s club competitions; staying up late because we were on holiday and sleeping in (especially this last one please!)

There’s something about going to a new place which just makes you feel less inhibited I think.  I suppose it’s the attitude of, “I probably won’t see any of these people ever again so it doesn’t matter what they think of me“, and perhaps that’s why sometimes some of the best friendships are made on holidays, that is when we are all just being true to our crazy inner selves!

This year, we are travelling down to Grand Brassac in the Dordogne, South West France.  We are staying in a gite on a ‘working’ farm which I am hoping the kids will be thrilled about!  It’s a holiday of firsts for us, it’s:

– the first time Eli has been abroad;
– the first time we’ve driven abroad (argh!);
– the first time we’ve stayed in a gite; and 
– the first time we’ve driven for 14 hours straight!  

I will blog our experiences when we get back, hopefully by that point I will be a fountain of knowledge about keeping young children entertained in the car!

However, I want to use these two weeks to take a step back from social media and just enjoy some precious quality time as a family.  No doubt I will still be sending tweets as we get free wifi in the gite but I will do my best to stay away!

In the meantime, I have lined up some lovely bloggers who are going to be sharing their favourite holiday memories with you.  Please do come back to read them, and it would be great if you could visit their blogs as well.  It’s nice to share the love!

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