Holiday Memories: Dorset

Jess McGlynnJune 8, 2013

I am very excited to introduce my first guest poster!  Katy is mama to two girls who don’t sleep very much, as well as being a freelance writer and an award-winning blogger.  She is passionate about supporting small businesses, a lover of home cooked, local, seasonal and organic food and is addicted to Green Juice and her iPhone.  She blogs at Modern Mummy 

Hello!  Katy from Modern Mummy here.  Jess is away on her holibobs this week and she has asked me to kick off her blogoliday with a guest post all about my favourite holiday memory…

Readers of my blog already know how in love I am with the Great British coast line.  There is so much to explore; from rugged rocky beaches, to retro seaside resorts, I genuinely have no idea why more people aren’t interested in holidaying a little closer to home!

My fondness for all things British definitely came around as a result of my childhood holidays.  When I was little, a holiday was a once-a-year occurrence and involved a looooog car journey with lots of sweets and wee stops.  There was no jet setting all over the place every other month, like lots of lucky families do these days.  You had one week away, during the school summer holidays, and would get so excited about it that you’d start counting down the days to it after Easter, much to your parents’ delight. (‘ONE HUNDRED DAYS TO GO, MUMMY!’)

My parents would usually take my siblings and me to the south coast.  We had lots of stays in various holiday camps and rented cottages but there is one that stands out much more than any other – our week spent in an ‘upside down’ house in Dorset.

I can still remember how crazy I found the idea of staying in an upside down house.  I initially had visions of it being entirely upside down, with its roof on the ground – but I soon realised (and accepted!) that it actually meant that the bedrooms were downstairs and living accommodation upstairs (to make the most of the stunning sea views).  That excited me and my siblings almost as much as the idea of having to walk on the ceilings!

The house was right on the beach and our week was spent rock pooling, jumping over waves, making sandcastles and eating ice creams.  We had BBQs and late nights and loved every minute.

It’s funny how I have limited memories of the faster paced, action packed holidays but remember the minute details of this one.  It was just idyllic – and now that I’m a parent I want my children to experience holidays just like that one.

What is your favourite holiday memory?

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