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Jess McGlynnJune 12, 2013

This year for the first time I will be taking part in Race For Life on Sunday 30 June.

I know lots of people who read my blog will no doubt already have sponsored someone else taking part in one of the many races happening across the country and I am not a fan of pleas for money but I think this is an important cause and if, by sharing the reason that I’m running, a handful of my lovely regular readers feel they can spare a few pounds to put towards Cancer Research UK then that would be simply fantastic.

We have experienced cancer on both sides of my family.  Particularly on my mum’s side.  I once heard a statistic that one in three people will suffer from cancer at some point in their lives and the sad fact is that many many members of my family have suffered.  More than one in three for sure.  

Some of those who have experienced cancer have fought and have survived, some have not.  We are at an awful point where it’s quite possible that within my family is the BRCA2 gene, the breast cancer gene.  Several of the women on my mum’s side of the family have had breast cancer, some are facing it right now.  It makes me feel ill to think that I may carry the gene, that I may have passed the gene on to Meg or Eli.  

It makes me determined to do my best to fight this disease.  I know I can’t raise the millions needed every year to pump into the research facilities but I can pretending to raise what money I can rather than pretending that “it won’t happen to me” because the sad reality is that very few people can claim to have never been affected by cancer in their lives.  We either all know a family member who has fought the disease, or the friend of a family or maybe have personally fought it, are fighting it right now.

I honestly believe that a cure can be found.  Maybe that’s blind optimism but sometimes, we all need a bit of faith to get us through the day.

This year I am running for 3 Grandparents, 2 Great-Grandparents and 1 Aunt who have all faced cancer.  I’m running for my mum, my sister, myself and my two children in the hope that we will never have to face it.

I am taking part with my mum and my sister and we are hoping to raise £500.  So far we have raised 20% of that total but it would be amazing to raise the whole amount.

If you would like to sponsor me, you can do so at our giving page 

Any amount, however much, is going towards a great cause.

Thank you in advance!!

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