Holiday Memories: Scottish Hebrides

Jess McGlynnJune 14, 2013
Next up in the holiday memories series is Rachel who blogs at Dreaming of the Country.  This is the second post which features fantastic memories of Scotland and is really persuading me that it’s somewhere I need to visit!!

Beautiful mountains, white sandy beaches, fiery sunsets, amazing food, dolphin spotting, swimming in lakes, long walks with my love and lots and lots of sunshine were all parts of my favourite ever holiday…and it was all found in Britain!

Before I go on I better introduce myself; Hi! I’m Rachel and I live in South Wales. I’m married to Josh and I’m mummy to a beautiful eight month-old called Ivy. 

In the summer of 2011 we left our jobs and home in west Wales to move to Cardiff so my hubby could start training to be a Vicar. We knew that this might be the last summer we would have without any major commitments or a baby in tow so we decided to quit our jobs early, budget like crazy and take three months off to travel around Britain. 

It was one of the best decisions we ever made. 

We explored all around Wales, Devon, Cumbria, the Cotswolds…and more. 

However, my favourite part of the summer was a trip to the Scottish Hebrides. We ended up there because Josh wanted to visit ‘the most remote pub in Britain’ which turned out to be The Old Forge in Inverie  {it’s only accessible by boat or a 20-odd mile walk across mountains} so we planned our trip from there.  We spent two weeks hostelling in Glencoe, living it up in a posh B&B in remote Inverie and renting a cottage right by the sea on Skye. 

Ohhh…it was SUCH a good holiday! It took me a whole summer to blog about {you can read all about it here} so I’ll just give you some of the highlights:

– Wild swimming in the Glenbrittle Fairy pools.

– A twenty mile mountain hike into absolute wilderness on the Knoydart peninsula followed by fresh seafood and good wine from the Old Forge. {also, hilariously finding a group of naked skinny-dipping Germans in the middle of no-where

– Seeing dolphins, seals and porpoise in a dead-calm sea on a boat trip from Elgol on Skye. 

– Watching the sun-set from our cottage over the mountains and loch.

– Great weather nearly every day {unusual for Scotland!!}.

– Getting really into season seven of 24 and eating LOTS of snacks.

– Feeling truly relaxed, rested, sun-kissed and laughing more with my husband than we had for months. 

I’m so glad we took the opportunity when we had it and I will treasure the memories and photographs forever. Those two weeks in Scotland were truly some of the best weeks of my life.

How amazing are those photos?  I’m so jealous!!

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