Upcycling Project: Pallet and Wellies

Jess McGlynnJune 22, 2013

At the moment our garden is a work in progress…if there was any progress actually being made.  Truthfully it’s just a jungle of weeds as we haven’t had any time to get in and sort it out.  Meg, bless her, asks often whether we can do some planting and digging and I always have to turn her down as it’s just too big a project.

When I saw that BritMums were running a ‘Kids Grow Wild’ challenge, it got me thinking about finding a space on our patio where we could create a ‘kids area’ for Meg and Eli to plant their own seeds and maybe grow some vegetables rather than waiting for us to finish the actual garden.

I decided that rather than building something from scratch it would be nice to recycle old materials so we procured some pallets that were being chucked from a local plumbing store to use.

I bought some terracotta pots for 79p and using tester paint pots we got the kids to decorate them.

Meg was very keen to get involved so with the fab gardening bag we were sent by BritMums for the challenge we cleared the section of patio we wanted to use.

We were sent some seeds which went into two of the pots that the kids had decorated.  We also bought some flowers from a local garden centre along with a strawberry plant and a tomato plant (fingers crossed we can keep them alive to enjoy the produce!)

Finally, we attached the plant pots to our pallet using some fencing wire.  I had planned to paint the pallet to give it a fresh look but decided in the end that I quite preferred it as it was!

We also decided to upcycle some old wellies we had lying around.  They belonged to Meg and as we had no use for them any more she kindly donated them to be part of our sunflower growing competition.  We each have a welly and our plan is to see whose sunflower grows the tallest.  I’m not sure whether the wellies will be successful forever homes for our sunflowers but I thought it was an interesting and different way to use them and Meg thought it was a brilliant idea!

Here is stage one of our gardening project complete! 
I have two more pallets which I am hoping to utilise to create a corner for Meg and Eli to have as their own and I will share with you when they are finished.

Disclaimer: This post is an entry for the BritMums’ #KidsGrowWild Challenge.  We were sent a gardening bag and seeds for the project.

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