Wimbledon and a spot of nostalgia…

Jess McGlynnJune 25, 2013

Whenever I hear that Wimbledon is about to start I experience a huge pang of nostalgia.  There is one particular summer that always springs to mind when I think about it; the first summer after Meg was born.

It was so incredibly hot and I spent almost every day collapsed on the sofa with the fan blowing cold(ish) air onto us, with Meg alternating between feeding and sleeping.  For whatever reason I decided that this was the year I would watch as many games of Wimbledon as I could and so the TV was constantly on in the background.

Meg was only 1 month old at the time and as a refluxy baby she didn’t enjoy being put down to sleep in her Moses Basket so it was really relaxing and nice to just be able to let her sleep on me.

I remember the Federer v Roddick final going on for ages, and trying to explain to my totally uninterested Other Half all the intricacies of the game afterwards (even though I’d slept through the majority of it!)

I can also remember making the decision to start playing tennis again, as I used to be quite good at it, although that has never happened!!

I don’t really recall another time when we got to have such a level of peace with quality Mummy and Meg time.  It will always always be one of my most favourite times as a Mummy.

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