Jess McGlynnJune 27, 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

So we are back from our holiday and feeling suitably relaxed and chilled out.  Ready to take on the world again (or something…)

Here are just a few of the things I’m chipper about this week:

Party Time
Although I had to miss BritMums (which I am not not not not not jealous about), we had a really great time celebrating with friends on Saturday night.  We dropped the kids off at their Nana and Grandad’s, put our party faces on and had a good old dance.  My Other Half fancies himself a bit of a party animal so he certainly enjoyed himself!

Quality Time
It was so lovely to be able to spend quality time together as a family on holiday, I really don’t think it can be beaten.  We flit about so much doing various things that I think we’ve forgotten to sit back and really watch Meg and Eli.  I learned so much about them in those 12 days we were away (but I’ll post about that another time) – especially about Eli, gone is my baby and a real little boy has begun to emerge in his place.

Pitch Perfect
About a month ago I discovered the film ‘Pitch Perfect’ – I rented it on our movies on demand and then I rented it again to show my Other Half, then I rented it again by myself and then I rented it again to watch with some friends.  It has quickly become an obsession and it is definitely one of those films I can watch over and over again, enjoying it just as much as if it was the first time I’ve seen it.  The only other film I’ve ever had that with is Miss Congeniality, which I still love even to this day!!

So I was delighted when my Other Half decided to go out and buy it for me, now I can watch it to my hearts content!  Granted, he was probably only thinking about our Virgin bill but still…I’m excited!!

I know in my last #R2BC post I said I would reveal a big secret but can you believe that I can’t tell it yet!  I had hoped that two weeks would be all we needed to get all the details finalised but it hasn’t worked out that way.  Sorry to keep you all hanging on!!  Hopefully soon I will be able to tell all.

Hope you have all had great weeks.  I’m linking up with Michelle’s #R2BC – head over to her blog to read more of the posts.

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