Get Good Summer 2013

Jess McGlynnJuly 5, 2013

This is our last summer before Meg goes to school and for that reason (yes, even though she’ll have the summer holidays every year…or will she, Mr Gove!?!) it has become a fixture in my mind as one that needs to count.  For when else will she have such a time of total freedom?

So, when I saw my lovely blogging friend Claire had posted a plan to make 5 achievable goals this summer, I was keen to join in.  

It has taken me well over a week to think of 5 goals!  I thought it would be easy but once I sat down and tried to be realistic about whether I could achieve them, my list seemed to shrivel up and become smaller and smaller.

Eventually I got there, and here are mine:

1. Finish the garden
Meg loves gardening and after we made our pallet planters and welly sunflower holders, she has been out every day checking on their progress.  I would love to utilise our garden better so that the kids can not only have a space to play, but also to be able to grow their own vegetables and flowers.

Last weekend, my Other Half made a good start and now I just need to calm my pinterest addiction down and start to think a bit more realistically about what we can do with the space we’ve got.

Just one of the many many ideas I have!!

2. Have at least 3 family days out
Having had our big holiday already this year, I think the temptation might be to just sit back and not make the effort to do anything special as a family.  I’d like to avoid this and have at least 3 days when we go somewhere else for the day.  There are loads of great places nearby for young families and I’d like to give some of them a try.

3. Finish my photo wall
Or better yet…start my photo wall.  This is something I’ve wanted to do for ages but haven’t got round to it.  We took some great photos on our holiday and it reminded me how much I’d like to get some printed and displayed.  Our house is quite blank, with cream walls everywhere so by putting up some photos I think we’d be making it look more like a home.

4. Read 2 challenging books
I started the Holley Gerth book “You’re Made For A God-Sized Dream” a couple of months ago and even though I found it really engaging, it somehow slid to the bottom of my ‘to-read’ pile.  I’d like to set some time aside to finish it this summer, particularly with all the changes that are going to be happening come September.

5. Make every week count!
Meg commented the other day that she wanted to do fun things like we used to and although I’m not quite sure when things stopped becoming fun(!), on the back of this I decided to do a little series where I picked a theme for every week and we did various tasks and crafts based around that theme.  Hopefully I will be posting the results of our first one next week.

I also saw on someone else’s Get Good Summer list that they wanted to make a summer scrapbook and I am going to pinch this idea as I think this would be perfect for recording all the things we get up to!

Why not hop over and check out some of the other lists, perhaps you’ll be inspired to join in!

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